Compassionate Action helps us be the hands that extend God’s extravagant welcome in our world.  Compassionate Action begins with a desire to see as God sees – to see our interconnected nature that comes from all creation as equally sacred unique reflections of God’s image.

At Holladay UCC we embrace the definition of Compassion as defined by the Compassionate Action Network International at

Compassion is the recognition that all beings are profoundly interconnected, such that the joys and sufferings of one are the joys and sufferings of all, with a corresponding commitment to appreciate and treat with respect all individuals as we ourselves would want to be treated – even and especially when we find it difficult to do so – and to alleviate suffering when and where we encounter it.

Holladay UCC encourages all members and friends to read and affirm the Charter for Compassion at and to engage compassionate action at Holladay UCC and in one’s daily life.  To browse commitments to compassionate action made by the on-line community go to:



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