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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I donate on a regular basis.  Why is it important that I pledge?
    Answer: All donations are appreciated; however, pledges are important to permit HUCC to budget each year.  HUCC plans a balanced budget each year, and we use pledges for estimating revenue.  With greater contributions, HUCC can add programs, staff or services for our members and the community.  If pledges are low, HUCC may be forced to reduce programs, staff or services.
  2. Does HUCC receive financial support from a national or regional church?
    Answer: No.  The national and regional United Church of Christ organizations provide certain non-financial resource to HUCC but no financial support.  HUCC pays a small amount (about 4% of its budget) to the national, conference or state United Church of Christ organization to support their operations.
  3. How much should I pledge?  Is there a specific required or recommended percentage of income?
    Answer: We ask members and other supporters to be generous with their pledges, taking into account the value of HUCC and the importance of its mission.  There is no required percentage of income. In previous years, members and supporters have been asked to work toward a goal of pledging 5-10% of income.
  4. If I want to pledge, how do I do it?
    Answer: There are several ways to pledge, including the following:

    • Place Pledge Card in Offering Plate.  Complete a pledge card or an electronic authorization form and place it in the offering plate during Sunday service. Pledge cards may also be given to any member of the Stewardship Comittee.
    • Mail in Your Pledge Card.  Complete a pledge card or electronic authorization form, place it in the envelope provided and mail it to Holladay United Church of Christ at 2631 East Murray Holladay Rd., Holladay, UT  84117, Attn Financial Secretary.
    • Pledge and Make Donations Online.  You can go to our website at If you click in the “Giving” tab, you will be linked to a confidential electronic giving portal.  To pledge and authorize monthly or weekly charges to your credit card, debit card or bank account, set up a profile and follow the prompts.
  5. I pledged last year.  Do I need to pledge again, or will you just assume that I will continue to donate the same amount?
    Answer: You need to renew and update your pledge annually.   If you are currently donating by recurring debit, charge or withdrawal, that will continue at the same level until you make a change.  Nevertheless, we ask that you complete a pledge card, or update your donation online, so that we may know that you have made a pledging decision for the upcoming year.
  6. I previously filled out an electronic authorization form (paper or online) for a periodic debit/charge/withdrawal.  Do I need to do it again or change it?
    Answer: Once you authorize a recurring charge/debit/withdrawal, it will continue until you change it (or your credit/debit card expires).  If you do nothing, the same recurring donation will automatically continue.  If you want to increase or decrease the amount of the recurring donation, or make another change, you must fill out a new authorization form or make the change online.
  7. When I go to the “Giving” link on and then click “Electronic Giving”, I get an Online Donation Screen with a number of options. Which do I select?
    Answer: For recurring donations, you must create a profile.  The Online Donation page permits you to make one-time donations without setting up a profile; however, we recommend creating a profile to be able to track donations.
  8. Can others see my pledge amounts, or is it confidential?
    Answer: The amount of your pledge is confidential and is viewed only by the HUCC Financial Secretary, Treasurer and Stewardship Chair at HUCC.  It is not available to others, including our Pastor or church leadership.   As part of their follow up efforts, the members of the Stewardship Committee will know who has pledged or not; however, they will not know the amount of such pledges.
  9. How does HUCC spend its budget?
    Answer: Our annual budget is available to our members and supporters and is approved by the members at a congregational meeting. Copies are available from the office upon request.  In general categories, HUCC budgeted expenses (as of 2015) were as follows (on a percentage basis):

    • Worship and Ministry    50%
    • Building & Grounds    35%
    • Office & Office Staff    10%
    • Contributions to Greater UCC    4%
    • Service/Nurturing    1%
  10. Is my pledge an enforceable contract?  What if I am uncertain about the future and am reluctant to pledge?
    Answer: Your pledge is not an enforceable contract.  Although we ask that all pledges be a reflection of a real intent to donate, if you have a change in circumstance, you can change your pledge at any time during the year by submitting a revised pledge card or electronic authorization.
  11. Can I prepay my pledge (i.e. donate money before December 31st for tax or other reasons but have it apply toward next year)?
    Answer: Yes, but please submit a note with your donation, directing us to apply it toward your pledge for next year.
  12. Does the amount of my pledge or donation affect my standing at HUCC?
    Answer: No.  HUCC is an open and affirming church, and neither membership nor opportunities to serve are conditioned upon your pledging a certain amount or at all.
  13. When the offering plate is passed around, I notice that many active members don’t put anything in.  Why?
    Answer: There are many ways to pledge and donate.  Increasingly, many of our members are pledging and donating electronically, so there is no need to place a check or money in the offering plate.  Others may donate only periodically.  A majority of our active members pledge and donate on a regular basis.
  14. When does the pledge drive end?
    Answer: See the web page for the current year’s pledge drive for the pledge due date.  We may, however, make follow up phone calls after that date.
  15. Can I donate property than cash, such as stock?
    Answer: You may donate any property provided it is readily marketable (such as publicly traded stock).  We cannot accept property that is not saleable.  If you desire to donate stock or other property, please contact HUCC’s Financial Secretary or Treasurer.  The names of the current Financial Secretary and Treasurer can be found here:

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