Holladay Preschool was founded in 1954 by a small group of concerned parents headed by Agnes Plenk whose mission was to create a safe and nurturing environment in which their children could experience choice, exploration and discovery. Together with the ministry and trustees of Holladay United Church of Christ, the church opened its doors to its most enduring mission and offered the Preschool Center as a non-profit organization to the children and families of the community in the fall of 1954. It was the first preschool in Salt Lake County. The congregation of HUCC has remained committed to quality preschool education ever since and provides immense support for what the Preschool stands for. Today, it continues to provide a non-sectarian program, which welcomes children of all backgrounds, cultures, and faiths. By being a service to the community, Holladay Preschool has provided many children the opportunity to grow and develop in a loving and guiding atmosphere where all areas of development skills, especially social, are focused on. The play and social environment in the Preschool, as carried out by the competent staff, brings out countless areas of social skills and learning opportunities.

Each day’s activities include free-play both indoors and outdoors, quiet and active times such as stories, music and rhythm, and dramatic play, large and small group interaction, language experience, snack time and concept-building experiences. Special activities such as field trips, cooking, science experiments, movement activities and care of animals and plants are regularly incorporated into the curriculum.


Registration is held in February for fall classes. Holladay Preschool has instituted the following priority system:

  1. Active members of Holladay United Church of Christ (members names need to be on the church roles by the end of December of each year), currently enrolled families who are enrolling 2 or more children, and Board Members
  2. Currently enrolled students or their siblings
  3. Children on the waiting list in order of the date entered on such list.

The Preschool currently houses 12 different classes of around 195 children along with an extended care program for our four year old classes and alumni kindergarteners called More Fun. Our program starts out with a two year co-op program,where the parents work in the classes with the teachers. One program has 2 two year old classes that meet two days a week. The other is an old two-young three class that is co-op until December. We have 4 classes of three year olds, 1 class of old three-young fours, and four classes of four year olds with one being an old four- young five The More Fun (extended care program) meets Tuesday and Thursday from 11:45A.M.-3:30P.M.

Contact Information

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Telephone: 801-277-8455/2633
Fax: 801-272-3870
Email: preschool@holladayucc.org
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Hours:  8:30A.M.-4:00P.M.  Monday-Thursday

8:30A.M.-1:00P.M. Fridays  September through May

Please call or email the office of the Preschool for more information.

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