We are looking to fill Dinner Providers through December. Please click on the link below to sign up

Here are tips to make dinner prep easier:

 Bring paper plates and napkins to make clean-up easier
Ask a friend to bring cookies to share with the crowd
Soup night is easy! The Bear River brand soup mixes available at most grocery stores make a big batch of soup.
Ask the first arrivals for dinner to set up the tables and chairs
Dinner prep: begin at least by 5:00 PM
Serve Dinner: 5:30 PM
Dishwashing Begins: 6:15 PM

Meal ideas: soup, spaghetti, tex-mex dishes, mac-n-cheese, pizza, sloppy joes, curry dishes, sandwiches, breakfast-for-dinner, and your creative ideas!

We usually have between 20-25 for dinner. When the Children’s Choir is meeting, the total goes up to 35. Check with Tiffini or Laurie to find out the expected numbers.

Each week, there are people willing to pitch in with set-up and dishes. Be sure to ask the youth coordinator if you need extra help with dishes and clean up.

We hope to see you sometime this fall!
~Tiffini and Laurie ~ Community Dinner Coordinators

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