Healthy Messages about the Coronavirus for Kids

Dear church family, 
Looking at all the “postponed’s” on our church calendar, it’s pretty easy to feel scared – no matter how old you are. It’s good to remember that we are postponing our gatherings not because things are bad in Utah, but to do our part in making sure they don’t get bad!

Our council leaders have done an amazing job working and planning together this week. With a situation that changes this quickly, please feel free to check in with us often. Pastor Marijke and I are here for you, and our cell phone numbers are available on the church answering machine. Please let us know how you are doing! 

As I’ve attended to my own scared feelings about the Coronavirus, I am reminded that little “ears” around us are open and listening. They could be hearing things that seem scary to them and need to hear healthy messages from us to feel safe. Here are a few positive messages that have been helping me, and they might be good for the kids in your life too.

Some of these messages come from a little booklet on the Coronavirus for kids that you can download here

1. Kids are pretty safe from this illness (there haven’t been many cases in kids, and in kids they tend to be pretty mild). 

2. There are lots of things we can do to stay safe and help others. For example, soap kills Coronavirus. When you sing your ABCs while washing your hands with soap, you will be helping yourself and the people around you not get sick. 

3. Look to the helpers. (Mr. Rogers said that.) If someone in your life gets sick, there are doctors and many people they can call to help them. 

4. It’s not your job to worry. Lots of people are working to protect you; let them worry about it for you. 

5. Coronavirus can affect anybody; it doesn’t matter where you come from, and no one is to blame for it. 

6. It’s normal to feel scared or sad feelings. These may feel like your heart pounding or a knot in your stomach. When you talk to others about your feelings, they will usually pass pretty quickly and you will feel better. 

7. Your family may choose for you to stay at home more often than usual, but this will not last long. Things will go back to normal soon. The things you love to do – play, learn, pray – are all things you can do at home with your family. 

8. Coronavirus means a germ that looks like a little crown – corona means crown. COVID-19 means Corona Virus Disease #19. What silly names! Coronavirus is a part of nature, and illness is a natural part of life. Throughout it all God is always present. 

Okay, there will be plenty of time to talk theology when things go back to normal. For now, I hope these positive messages help you to comfort and reassure yourself and others, especially the “little pitchers” in your life.

A church that is “scattered” is no less of a sacred community than a church that “gathers.” We will be “there” for each other and for our broader community. Can’t wait to see you online!

Always available to talk,
Pastor Chelsea

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