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Worship Team

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The Worship Team currently consists of: the Senior Pastor; the Associate Pastor; Music Director (Eric Richards); Worship Representative (Shesh Tipton through May); Connie Nomann, our tech guru; and at-large church members, Martha Moler and Teri Jewell. Our task? To create worship experiences for our congregation and community that provide motivating and loving spiritual guidance in word and music, all in the name of God.
We write liturgy, choose themes, and evaluate how each service fulfills the needs of the church. What can we do better? What shall we repeat? The pandemic presented a unique challenge for us, and virtual church has dramatically changed how we present the message. We have learned to adapt to these challenging circumstances and provide inspiring worship opportunities for the congregation. We look forward to working with our new senior pastor, Pastor Brent, and incorporating his style as our worship services and opportunities continue to evolve.
Our team gets along well, and we respect each other immensely. If you would like to contribute to this team, please contact Shesh Tipton. We always love new ideas!

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